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Our team at Stella Gallerie has passionately been servicing both private and corporate collections around the world since 2015.

From residential and commercial interiors to yachts, hotels, and other developments, our portfolio of installations knows no bounds. Face it, art is everywhere!

The goal here is to professionally provide a superior and personal collecting experience when it comes to acquiring art for all walks of collectors.

Whether you’re buying art for the first time, or this isn’t your first rodeo, the experience itself should be tailored to you, professionally communicated, and most importantly fun.

Our team of knowledgeable art consultants are here not only to get to know your personal taste in art, but to help answer and address any questions or concerns that come along the way.

In keeping things competitive, our collectors have the option to make their own offers on pieces of interest. We’re pretty open minded, just please no boat trades..

Both new and seasoned collectors shouldn’t have to second guess if they’re being quoted accurately.

We love all our collectors both near and far, and welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Please use our “Contact Us” page to tell us what you’d like to see, what we’re doing right, where we can improve, or just say Hi! 

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
Pablo Picasso



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